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Donald Flather Original Paintings
1903 - 1990
Landscapes and Seascapes Across Canada and the Arctic, Floral and Abstract Paintings
FCA - Founding Member, Group of Seven Canadian Artists Contemporary
Donald Flather Original Landscape, Seascape, Floral and Abstract Oil Paintings from across Canada and the Arctic/ Baffin Island. Donald was a Federation of Canadian Artists founding member and Colleague of the Canadian Group of Seven Painters.
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Dr. Donald MacIntosh Flather Biography

Donald Flather was a very talented man who combined his love of the outdoors with his love of art to produce many beautiful artworks from all across Canada and parts of the USA. Donald was a self taught Artist whom first began painting at a young age on pieces of glass. During his lifetime, he produced over of 400 paintings, which included stunning Canadian landscapes from Coast to Coast, as well as plants and animals. Although a teacher by vocation, he dedicated a great deal of his life (circa 1919-1987) to his painting and developed his own unique style, which combines elements of French Impressionism and the Group of Seven.

Donald Flather was a colleague of Lawren Harris, founder of the Group of Seven and the two men worked together for several years on the Executive of the Federation of Canadian Artists, of which Donald was an original and founding member in 1941. Donald was also Secretary of the B.C. Federation of Artists in the 40's and 50's. Following this, he acted as National Treasurer of The Federation of Canadian Artists. Donald was a very humble man, and he did not devote much time or effort to showing his artworks; rather he preferred to circulate his paintings and pottery amongst friends and Family. Donald did not sign some of his paintings on the front- as he believed it to be unnecessary and detracting from the beauty of the painting (much as Lawren Harris did after 1926). It was his lovely Wife, Grace, whom encouraged Donald to sign his beautiful paintings. However, Donald was not only unable to complete this task before his passing in 1990 but he also left partially completed paintings.

Donald Exhibited many times in the 1940's with Lawren Harris at the juried Annual BC Artists Exhibitions. His works have been on display in many Galleries and Institutions including The Art Gallery of Toronto and The Vancouver Art Gallery, who have added his work to their permanent collection. He has had solo Exhibitions in Whistler, North and West Vancouver, and joint Exhibitions in Vancouver and Victoria. His paintings have appeared in many publications, including Beautiful BC Magazine and the Vancouver Sun. Ongoing displays can be seen at many BC area Galleries. Donald's works are currently widely held by leading Canadian, American, European, Indonesian and Asian Collectors.

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Dr. Donald MacIntosh Flather, FCA Artist

Donald Flather at Mt. Revelstoke's Eva Lake in  the Rocky Mountains, 1962

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